Sunday, March 10, 2019

Cleaning House

Recently I wrote about cleaning out a few closets in our house. I was surprised at how much stuff we don’t need that we have accumulated over the years. I swept the floors of the empty closets and called it a job well done. However, considering that nature abhors a vacuum, I didn’t expect the little hidden areas known as our closets to be empty for long. I was just glad the chore was done.

But now it seems there are others cleaning our house, although they are doing it on the outside. I’m quite sure they view it as their own house, or houses, depending on your viewpoint.

I am talking about birds.  Since the first nest we noticed many years ago in our wind chimes, we have had birds nesting in the nooks and crannies of our home. They seem not to need much space, a tiny sheltered area created by a window air conditioner is plenty of room for a nest. Even the upper corners of the capitals on the pillars that hold up the ceiling of our porch provide enough area for a nest that has now existed for quite a few years.

And just like when I was throwing out all kinds of things I didn’t need when I was cleaning, the birds like to have a tidy nest. They cleaned out all the detritus from last year’s nest onto our front porch. Soon the birds will be refilling their nests with soft bedding for their upcoming families.

But I will be the one sweeping the porch.