Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our K-9 Canine

Yesterday I got the most unexpected news. Our eighth Seeing Eye® puppy, Jamie, is now an officer of the law. She is a bomb sniffing dog for one of the agencies that protect our country. We learned this yesterday at the annual Seeing Eye Family Day gathering. Upon our arrival we were told to go into the building for a surprise. They handed us a certificate with Jamie’s name and on the bottom it said she was now a K9 Explosives Detection Officer.

When last we heard about Jamie, who is a thoroughly sweet yellow Labrador retriever, she had been rejected by The Seeing Eye for being too distractible. My description of her was that she would stand outside and just watch the wind. But maybe she wasn’t watching the wind, maybe she was sniffing, practicing, using her nose for a good purpose. Who knows? We couldn’t be more proud.

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